Published: Jun 8, 2022 by Ismail El Baggari

Join us for the M&M Sunday Short Course on Cryogenic STEM for Materials. Details here

X-15 Cryo-STEM and EELS for Materials Sciences

Lead Instructors

Ismail El Baggari
Harvard University

Myung-Geun Han
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Michael Zachman
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

While cryogenic TEM has revolutionized the research in biological science, its applications in materials sciences have been relatively limited. The major challenges lie in realizing reliable cryogenic specimen preparation, and atomic-scale imaging and spectroscopy at a wide range of cryogenic temperatures. Though still in its infancy, recent advancements in cryo-EM, especially in cryo-FIB and new TEM stages, have brought us the promises.

This short course will focus on the fundamentals of cryo-EM and primarily benefit those new to the field. We will highlight historical developments, current state, and future perspectives of cryo-EM for materials science. We will cover critical steps involved in a successful cryogenic microscopy study, including specimen preparation, specimen transfer, cryogenic FIB, new cryo-TEM stages, imaging, spectroscopy at low temperatures, and data analysis methods that can potentially be used to assist cryo-EM data acquisition and data analysis.

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Join us for the M&M Sunday Short Course on Cryogenic STEM for Materials. Details here

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